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Vizual Edge is an online platform for vision training that can be completed on any computer or tablet with internet access. You will receive a pair of proprietary 3D glasses and a login to access the platform. After receiving the glasses, you will be prompted to begin your evaluation. Training is customized and will progress based on your visual strengths and areas of opportunity.

Vizual Edge Trainer

Unlimited Access
Unlimited software access beginning after baseline evaluation.

3D Glasses
Receive a pair of proprietary 3D glasses.

Detailed evaluation reports based on each visual skill set with customized training plans.

Every 6 weeks, re-evaluate and provide updated training plan and reports based on progression.

Open Gym + Game Day Training
Unlimited access to Open Gym and Game Day Training modes. Open Gym allows for training anytime outside of the training plan. Game Day is an excellent protocol to help get the visual system firing before competition.

Meet the Edge Trainer

The Edge Trainer from Vizual Edge delivers advanced vision training. Backed by 30 years of research and development, the Edge Trainer's web app can help enhance timing, balance, eye-hand coordination, positional & spatial awareness, reaction speed and more to give you an edge in your sport!

What's Your Edge Score?

The Edge Score is a comprehensive score that takes six visual skills into account, providing athletes, parents, coaches, and scouts with a benchmark number for assessing an athlete’s overall visual ability.

Personalized Training

Each athlete will receive a custom training program based on their visual processing strengths and weaknesses. Training plans will be dynamic as athletes improve and progress through their training.

EVALUATE: Evaluate athlete’s proficiency in the six core visual skills.
ANALYZE: Analyze results and develop personalized training plan.
TRAIN: Train core visual skills for optimal athletic performance.

Open Gym Mode

Do you want to add training to the recommended plan? Try Open Gym Mode which will allow you to do free training.

Game Day Training

Need to get ready for a competition? Try the Game Day Training module which will get your eyes ready to go when you need it most.

The Lasting Impact of Vision Training

Vision training is a method of teaching your visual system how to efficiently perform foundational visual skills. It consists of improving the neural pathways that are used for vision. Once the skill has been learned efficiently and is functioning at an automatic level, there is minimal maintenance training required and the skills will not digress. Once the skills are established, you can, however, continue to fine-tune and enhance the foundational visual skills. The Vizual Edge software provides specific targets to develop the foundational visual skills for lifelong efficiency and also provides a platform for enhancement and visual readiness for sports. Vizual Edge specifically targets an athlete’s eye movements, eye teaming skills and visual recognition speed. Developing these visual skills will give the athlete a competitive advantage that will last over time.

The Core Six Visual Skills


Convergence is the ability to focus on objects within close proximity and judge their movement.


Divergence is the ability to locate objects in the distance, impacting an athlete’s ability to anticipate and react.


Depth perception uses both eyes to locate objects in space to judge their distance, speed, and direction.


Proper alignment creates no difference between the perceived location and actual location of an object.


Recognition is the ability to observe, process and recall a series of visual targets, and respond properly.


Tracking allows you to follow an object while continuously monitoring all other aspects of the game.

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