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Benefits of Sports Vision Training

By October 1, 2019February 12th, 2021No Comments

In training the visual system of an athlete, there are three main areas on which we focus. The first is the improvement of eye muscle control, balance, and endurance. These elements are especially important in helping athletes keep their focus during competition.  Many athletes find their performance level drops towards the end of a competition, or they find it hard to track a ball or object.  Through our customized, sports specific program, an athlete will develop skills to be more consistent.  Just as we train any muscle in our body to have better control or endurance, the same can be done with our visual system.

Another area of focus is enhancing peripheral and spatial awareness. The key here is improving an athlete’s ability to know where a ball, object or another player is in relationship to themselves.  Not only does this improve performance, but also improves safety.

Finally, speed and quickness are areas that many athletes focus on improving through drills and agility training.  Most people do not realize that the brain and visual system processing time can also be enhanced.  Our trainers work with an athlete to help them see the ball and learn to react more quickly. The result, of course, is improved performance.