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Athlete Training

For athletes looking for a competitive edge, the consistent application of performance vision training can optimize visual acuity, sharpen coordination, maximize reaction times, increase peripheral awareness, and expand depth perception. We utilize innovative training and technology to enhance the visual and cognitive systems of all athletes ranging from youths to professionals.

Train Anywhere

Train at home. Train on the road. Before a competition. Or just for fun. Train anywhere with remote solutions from the top vision training companies.

Train Anytime

Have some time before practice? Or maybe in the morning before the day gets started? Train anytime that fits your schedule. Squeeze in a "workout" before practice or competition. Or, try combining vision drills between sets in a strength training session.

Customized for You

Each app develops a personalized training plan is to maximize your strengths and to improve areas of opportunity. The training plan is dynamic and adjusts to the athlete’s skill. Have questions? Of course, the team at Performance 20/20 can provide guidance as well.

Vizual Edge

Vizual Edge is an online platform for vision training that can be completed on any computer or tablet with internet access. Training is three times per week for approximately 15 minutes per session. Training is customized and will progress based on your visual strengths and areas of opportunity.

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Coming soon! Built upon 20 years of neuroscience research, NeuroTrackerX, is a patented system that uses 3D multiple object tracking to improve the efficiency of your brain. NeuroTrackerX enhances situational awareness, attention, executive function and cognitive stamina, which benefits people of all ages.

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Coming soon! The Senaptec App is a training on an iPad or Android tablet. The Senaptec algorithm learns and adapts to help push people forward and achieve better results. As sensory skills improve, the Senaptec App will automatically increase the difficulty.

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